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**Due to the volatility of steel prices, all prices are subject to change.**

The HD (Heavy Duty) Target (side) (back)
(We call this one the Heavy Duty because that is exactly what it is. The target surface (silhouette) is comprised of 1/2 inch AR500 steel and measures 12 x 19.5. It sits at a 12 to 15 degree angle to control splatter. The base and upright are modular and the entire target can be broken down for transport if necessary. This base and upright basically serve as a target holder that the silhouette slides into leaving the target surface with no welds to break. The base measures 24 x 24 with the standard upright measuring 54 inches leaving the target at 63 inches (special heights are available to meet your berm requirements). The entire system weighs 80 pounds. It can only be shipped truck freight on a pallet. We can put up to three units on a pallet thus the price break at 3. This is an excellent practice or training target for civilians and Law Enforcement alike. It will withstand all of the standard non-magnum pistol calibers as well as .223 rounds meeting our standards (See about Nevco Steel) making it the perfect target for CQB and SBR training. It will also make a great rifle target and will withstand 300 Win Mag at 100 yards, and 338 Lapua at 150. The two ears holding the target on its front surface are AR500 as well. Should anything wear out, replacement parts are available below.

We are also offering this target with the surface perpendicular to the ground which is also parallel to the shooter. We have added a third AR500 ear to hold the target at the bottom. We have heard some concern about the 12 degree angle of the target so this should address those concerns. It will utilize the same modular system and 1/2 inch AR500 silhouette which can be replaced if need be. Please indicate which target you want when ordering, angled or flat. Please remember that as with all Nevco targets do not shoot this target closer than 10 yards with pistol or 25 yards with rifle.)

($250 for 3
or more)

*Standard IDPA/IPSC Target Stand #597445
(This is our standard paper target stand. It is very stable and has four holes for ground spikes or can be used with sandbags. It accepts 3/4 x 1&1/2 furring strips and is very stackable. The Standard also features two thumbscrews to stabilize the target.) Dealer, club, and Law Enforcement pricing available.
*Folding Target Stand #658464
(This stand holds paper targets just like the standard stand but folds flat for easy storage or transport. It features a swing out stabilizer and does away with having to tighten loose thumbscrews. It also has holes for ground spikes. This stand is not designed or use in windy areas.) Dealer, club, and Law Enforcement pricing available.
*Drive In Target Stand #969249
(This is the drive in the ground version of our immensely popular target stand. No thumbscrews to lose, no sandbags to carry. This stand has a dedicated striking point so you won't beat it up. All you need is this stand and a hammer. Just drive it into the ground and you're ready to go. This stand measures 19x15,375x2.375.) Dealer, club, and Law Enforcement pricing available.
*Barricade Target Stand
(This is a larger version of our standard stand and is constructed of the same sturdy yet light weight materials. The tubing is 24 inches outside and using 3/4 x 1&1/2 furring strips will accommodate a 2 foot x 2 foot or 4 x 4 piece of plywood or OSB to use as the barricade for the IDPA classifier, as a barricade in a course of fire or for our Law Enforcement friends, it is the correct dimension for a B-27 silhouette. It measures 20 x 26.5 x 3.75 and is stackable just like our other versions. It has thumbscrews to stabilize the target or barricade and has staking holes for ground spikes as well.) Dealer, club, and Law Enforcement pricing available.
*Mega Target Stand
(This is the mega version of our standard target stand. Made of 1/4 inch thick tubing and 3/8 inch thick angle it weighs in at 25.5 pounds. No need for ground spikes or sandbags this puppy may stand up to tornadic activity just kidding!. This stand accepts 2x4 stud lumber instead of furring strips for added durability. Total dimensions of this stand are 26.5x14x6.) Dealer, club, and Law Enforcement pricing available.
*Mini Mega Stand
(This is the Mini version of our Mega-stand. It is cut down to accept 2x4 uprights and the smaller 12x20 inch airsoft paper targets and is an excellent choice wherever wind is an issue. It measures 14.5x20x6 and is composed of massive 2x4x.188 tubing and 2x2x3/8 angle and tops 20 pounds in weight. Many shooters prefer to practice with the smaller airsoft paper targets and use these for standard firearm practice as well. These can be used in this manner but are not designed to withstand bullet impact.) Dealer, club, and Law Enforcement pricing available.
(Below is a list of targets surfaces that are compatible with our Steel Challenge bases and top caps as well as pricing. You can use these with your existing Challenge equipment or purchase bases and top caps for these specifically. As always, all of the target surfaces are 3/8 AR500 steel and we recommend all of them except for the eight inch plate for rifle fire under 3000 feet per second.)

8 inch 3/8 AR500 round plate
10 inch 3/8 AR500 round plate
12 inch 3/8 AR500 round plate
12x18 inch 3/8 AR500 rectangular plate
18x24 inch 3/8 AR500 rectangular plate
15 inch 3/8 AR500 silhouette
Combo base
Steel Challenge base
Steel Challenge top cap

Combo Base
(This is our new combination base that combines the Steel Challenge base and our Standard IDPA/IPSC target stand into one handy unit. It will accept a 2x4 to hold a topcap and Steel Challenge or Create-a-target shape or 1x2 furring strips to accept a standard IDPA or IPSC target or both! It measures 24x24x7.5 and weighs 15 pounds and is very stackable for convenience of transport. Use this to practice or shoot Steel Challenge and later to practice IDPA or USPSA (or IPSC) and never switch bases.)
Nevco Long Range Rifle Target see video
(Classified by most as a flash target, this particular unit features two 8 inch 3/8 AR500 plates mounted in a 90 degree angle from each other. Shoot the white one and the orange one shows you that you hit. If you ever wear one out (unlikely) they are interchangeable. This unit is extremely portable and breaks down into three pieces for transport. The assembled size is 57x24x18.5 and the shipping weight is 40 pounds. Dealer, club, and Law Enforcement pricing available.

When assembled the target surface is approximately 8 inches off of the ground or 12 inches to the center. We gave one of these to our friend Todd Jarrett to torture test and to quote him, "This is my favorite portable rifle target". That is certainly enough endorsement for us. The YouTube video above shows the action of the target when struck by a 150 grain 308 bullet. The range is 50 yards, the extent of our video equipment but not of the target. Naturally the harder it is hit, the more orange you will see. We do however, recommend using a spotter past 200 yards.)

It seems that some of our customers rifles are suffering from an affliction that will not allow them to hit where they are aimed. Therefore we are offering replacement parts as follows:

8 inch AR500 plates (each)
Legs (per set of two)
Shaft (with end stop)
Locking collars (with bolt)
End collar (with bolt)
Pivot (that the plates are attached to)

Target Activator (Stomp Box) (inside) (cocked) (video)
(This the Nevco version of the step on target activator or stomp box. We have cut the size down to 24x24x3 and the weight down to 12 pounds. It features two separate actuators that pull approximately seven inches when activated (stepped on). This unit features a 3/4 inch plywood top that is hinged on one end with steel to steel triggers that push beyond flush to positively activate every time and with very little pressure. The four separate springs on each side use approximately 65 pounds of force to activate even the most stubborn clamshells, swingers, drop turners, leaners and droppers just to name a few. Simply attach your cable to one of the two actuators through the provided hole and attach the other end to your targets trigger, cock the actuators and when the plywood is stepped on, the target activates!)
(We believe this is exactly that. This is an eight inch AR500 plate utilizing our Porta-popper spring so it bounces back when hit. You supply the 2x4 which not only saves on shipping but allows you to customize the height of the target to meet your berm requirements. The base is the same one we use on our Steel Challenge targets for superior stability. This target breaks down into three pieces and will easily stow in your trunk for that trip to the range. No resetting, no pasting, just spend all your range time shooting. If you already have a base or would like to make your own stand just purchase the head for $115. We have added a 3/8 AR500 deflector to the front of the tubing mount to prevent bullet peening in that area. This target is designed to withstand non-magnum, non-armor piercing HANDGUN ammunition only and is not suitable as a rifle target (22lr is the only exception). If you are looking for a rifle target, please see our Porta-poppers below.)
Complete Set
Without spring as a knock-down plate with rubber bumper (up, down)
Head only (knock-down version)
A Zone
(Any top USPSA shooter will tell you that only the "A" zone counts. Well here is just that. This target is the exact size of the A-zone on a standard IPSC target. It is 5.9x11 and is made of 3/8 inch thick AR500 and fits our Steel Challenge base and topcap. We also have it priced separately so you can use it with bases and topcaps that you already have. Although this target surface is composed of 3/8 AR500 steel, it's light weight makes it unsuitable as a rifle target.)
A Zone Target
With Base and Topcap
You can find bases and topcaps priced separately on the Steel Challenge page.

Shotgun Plate (video)
(This is our ten inch 3/8 thick AR500 round plate on a heavy duty hinged base. It is a three piece assembly to allow easy storage and shipping. The beauty of this target over a knockdown plate is that it does not have to be picked up off of the ground after every shot. It also keeps paint off the hands of the shooters since you can just push it back into place from the rear. Birdshot only.)
Clay Swinger Clay Swinger
(This is the target that will replace clay pigeons for good. Measuring 24x18x24 and weighing only 17 pounds this is the perfect target for practicing those difficult clay stages. We hope that eventually this will replace clays in matches altogether thus cutting the cost of putting on matches and reducing the amount of labor required to reset between stages. The four inch "clay" is composed of 3/8 inch thick AR500 steel to last a lifetime. The target itself sits a little over 15 inches off the ground and swings aggressively when hit. The target has four holes for 3/8 inch ground spikes for stability. After extensive testing, our friend Todd Jarrett tells us that this target functions equally as well with slugs and buckshot and adds that it will also stand up to non-magnum pistol fire.
10 for $45 each
*Clay stand (video)
(This stand is designed to hold a single clay pigeon (any size) for shotgun matches or practice. It is made of 1/2 inch round steel and one inch channel and has a foot rest at the bottom to aid in pushing it into the ground. For birdshot only. Customer determines height so order several at different heights to mix things up! We have not figured out how to ship these complete due to the length, however, we are making the heads separately so that you can get someone local to weld on the rebar or rod.)
Head only

(These are our automatic resetting miniature targets. A custom made spring allows them to lean back momentarily for positive feedback and then pop back up for your next shot. It does this instantaneously in time for you to shoot. Available in four styles to meet the needs of competitors as well as varmint hunters. Target surface is 3/8 inch thick AR500 steel and all shapes are approximately 15 inches tall. All four shapes have been designed to withstand projectiles up to 168 grain 308 rounds. These targets are designed to attach to the Porta-popper stand or Porta-popper rack described below. Please keep in mind that 3/8 inch AR500 is designed to withstand non-magnum, non-armor piercing rifle and pistol rounds traveling under 3000 feet per second upon impact.)
8 inch plate
Speed plate
$99.00 each
*Porta-popper Stand
(This is our stand for the Porta-poppers. It is made of carbon steel and is heavy enough to keep the target anchored. It positions the target approximately 7 1/2 inches off the ground to get it above high grass and will work with all four styles.)
*Porta-popper Rack
(This rack is designed to hold your choice of three Porta-poppers and is both modular and although heavy is still quite portable. It comes apart into its five pieces in seconds and will fit in your trunk for your next trip to the range. The front deflector plate is 3/8 inch thick AR500 steel so any misses hit the ground harmlessly. The price does not include your choice of Porta-poppers which are bolted on and can be changed in minutes to create your own custom rack.)
*Hard Target
(This is our full size 3/8 inch thick IDPA or IPSC silhouette with the -0 zone cut out [also available with the "alpha" zone cut out]. The idea is to put a paper target behind at the corresponding height and force the competitor to shoot through the hole for score. Naturally any rounds that hit the steel will bounce off and not score. For a real twist, slide in the reducer plate (hole diameter of your choice) and make the hole even smaller. We don't know what this simulates but it sure is hard especially on the move!)
With Reducer Plate
Double Pop-Up (video) (gamer's way) (illustration)
(This target is a match stage by itself or one heck of a training aid. It holds four IDPA or IPSC targets and features our 28 inch AR500 popper. Shoot the two targets and then shoot the popper to bring up two more targets or try the "gamers way". Either way what a blast! We have now perfected the modular version of this target finally making it shippable. You may use the popper separately or assemble the unit to use the paper targets as well. This target ships in a 32x32x9 box and weighs 65 pounds.)
(This target stand is designed to be placed behind a barrel, no shoot or hard cover and when activated can be set to do one of three functions:
  • It can lean out one way and stop
  • It can lean out momentarily one way and then lean out the other (video)
  • It can lean out one way and then disappear (video)
Customer determines which way by turning the target around and reversing the trigger.)
Forward Falling Popper (mechanism)
(The gamers nightmare, this popper falls forward when hit. The more you shoot it the longer it stays up! This popper utilizes our standard 42 inch AR500 pepper popper and a fall away latch that lets it lean forward diverting all splatter to the ground. There is also a fail safe spring that forces the popper forward as soon as it stops being struck so no more staying up after a few hits. We can also weld an eyelet on the back making it perfect for activating peripheral targets such as swingers, drop-turners or leaners.)
Popper & *Stand
*Dropper (video) (illustration)
(This target stand raises the target up from behind a barrel, no-shoot or hard cover and then drops it back out of sight. It can be adjusted for speed of drop. It can also be set to start in the up position and drop out of sight or start out of sight, raise up and stay in sight. Excellent for car door scenarios. It is 24x24x24 in its modular form for transport and when assembled has a 28 inch arm for the counterweight and weighs 30lbs.)
*Swinger see video
(This is our version of the standard target swinger. It is designed to utilize 1x2 furring strips and the standard size IDPA/IPSC targets. It measures 24x18x24 and weighs 23 pounds and features an adjustable counterweight to adjust the rate of swing. Not designed for bullet impact.)
*Double Swinger (video)
(If one swinger is fun then this target is twice the fun! Just like our single swinger but with two swinging target holders. Adjustable counterweights allow you to decide how closely you want one target to follow the other or make the front one a no-shoot for a real challenge.)
*Mini Swinger (side) see video
(This is the airsoft version of our immensely popular standard target swinger. It is downsized to accept the smaller 12x20 airsoft targets. It is designed to use 1x2 furring strips to hold the target like its big brother. Extremely compact, it measures 18x14x18 and weighs just 13.5 pounds. It features an adjustable counterweight to alter the speed of the swing. Many shooters prefer to shoot their standard firearms at smaller targets and this swinger is perfect for that as well but is not designed for bullet impact.)
*Drop Turner see video
(This is the standard drop-turner done up Nevco style. It measures 24x19x29 and weighs 30 pounds. When activated it drops approximately 12 inches in 3 seconds. We purposely leave it noisy and wobbly to distract shooters. We have actually had shooters watch it go down and then realize that they were supposed to shoot at it!)
8 inch plates
(white, 3/8 angle base, easily knocks off stand below)
*Plate stand
(1/2 inch round bar with beveled flatbar top)
Large pepper popper
(This is our standard 42 inch popper with the deluxe stand. The stand really makes this one shine. It is lightweight, locks the popper in the down position for transport and has a "T" handle for fast and easy calibration. This is one of only two official pepper poppers as listed in the USPSA rule book under Appendix B4. Any other pepper poppers will render any classifer stages illegal under USPSA rules.)
With Deluxe Stand
Popper only
Small pepper popper (down)
(This is our standard 28 inch popper with the same deluxe stand as the large one but scaled down to fit the smaller popper. It measures 32x9x4 in the folded postion and like its larger counterpart, locks in that positon for easy transport. In the up position it measures 26x9x28 and features the same T-handle calibrator as the larger popper. Total weight in either position is 25 pounds. The popper itself is 28 inches of 3/8 inch AR500 steel and is available seperately should the need arise. This is one of only two official pepper poppers as listed in the USPSA rule book under Appendix B4. Any other pepper poppers will render any classifer stages illegal under USPSA rules.)
With Deluxe Stand
Popper only

*These are target stands and as such are not designed to withstand bullet impact. Most units are modular and replacement parts can be purchased for a nominal fee.

All target stands and holders are designed to hold standard IDPA or IPSC targets stapled to 3/4 x 1 1/2 furring strips.

All our target surfaces are composed of 3/8 inch thick AR500 steel which is rated for non-magnum, non-steel core rifle or pistol rounds traveling less than 3000 feet per second on impact. We recommend that steel handgun targets not be fired at closer than 15 yards and steel rifle targets not be fired at closer than 25 yards.

Do not place anything in proximity to steel targets that you do not want destroyed by peripheral splatter.

Nevco Targets accepts no responsibility for misuse of its products. All prices are subject to change and material availability.

Remember that shooting firearms can be dangerous and that shooting at steel with firearms is more so. Please have eye and ear protection for the shooter as well as any bystanders. Have fun with our products but remember that safety comes first.

To the extent allowable under applicable law, Nevco Targets' liability for consequential and incidental damages is expressly disclaimed. Nevco Targets' liability under all circumstances is limited to and shall not exceed the purchase price of said product.

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